Long long ago, Postcards became outdated. People became tired of wading through stacks of unfunny catch-phrases and ironic pictures. Fear not, Postcards have become cool once again with Postman! Postman allows you to edit your Postcard as much as you want. Change the cover, change the theme, change the font, change the message, hell you can even control the weather. Nifty, eh?


These days, everyone has all their friends on social networks. Share your Postcard to whoever you please and however you please. Share it on your Facebook wall, post it on your Tumblr, Tweet it, upload it to our fantastic postmanapp.com service, email it or just plain old save it. All of this without having to wait weeks for the postal service. Grab your copy of Postman at the App Store now!


After paying just $2 for the app, you’ve saved the money you would’ve thrown away on postage and those rip-off postcards at the museum. Plus, you’re not killing trees — always something to feel good about. On top of all that, the app’s user interface just looks awesome and beautiful.



Postman is a lot of fun, and handles its task with an ease-of-use befitting the iPhone.



Smooth, slick and does all it describes. I have a few apps that I use a lot and this is one of them, would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Superb!



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