The ultimate way to browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace and LinkedIn on your iPhone. Coming soon!

Your Friends

See what all your friends are saying on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, all wrapped up in an amazingly beautiful app.

Your Address Book

Magically sync all your friends with your Address Book, providing easy access to their posts, profiles and photos albums.

Your Hub

Friends is a hub to your entire online life. At a glance, you can see all of your notifications and keep track of what's new.

Friends ♥ Facebook

Enjoy the best Facebook experience; Comment, Like, read your news feed, flick through photo albums, post on your friends' walls and much more.

Friends ♥ Twitter

We support all the features you'd expect from an awesome Twitter app; Retweets, favorites, Instapaper and much more.

Smart Attachments

Reading row after row of plain text is boring! If a friend posts a picture, video, check-in or link, you should be able to see it as you scroll.