Friends 1.6 is Coming Soon

Arguably, Friends 1.6 is an even bigger update than 1.5 was. We have added a ton of new features and fixed more bugs than can be listed, but below are a few of the biggest changes. Friends 1.6 was submitted to the App Store yesterday, and should be available very soon.

  • Search for your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Huge photo improvements! You can now post photos directly to Facebook.
  • Comment on any Facebook photo.
  • Awesome new way to view your contacts.
  • Retweet any post!
  • View photos from picplz.com in-line.
  • Fixed an issue with Instapaper login.
  • Timestamps on every post.
  • Major speed and stability enhancements.

We also have a pretty big surprise in store for the release, so be sure to stay tuned! Grab a copy of Friends today, if you haven’t already.

  • http://alexknight.net Alex Knight

    Can’t wait for this update. It really looks fantastic.

  • ppbl


  • http://tonis-office.mp/ Toni Stevenson

    I love your app! I usually it almost everyday.

  • Hazaelox

    bo Push notifications yet? what a bout the updating sound? its annoying

  • Rapstone


  • Joseph

    I hope the big surprise is more access and interaction with Facebook Groups. That is the one thing missing that makes me keep the Facebook app on my iPhone still. Otherwise I love this thing to death. Great work!

  • Aaronmacneil14

    Would you be able to add the ability to change the account associated with your friends? I accidentally picked the wrong twitter account as my friends and I don’t know how or if I can changed it. So if this is a feature already I apologize.

  • http://www.iphoner.it/friends-update-1-6-in-arrivo Friends: update 1.6 in arrivo | iPhoner

    [...] maggiori info sull’applicazione vi invito a visitare il sito ufficiale degli sviluppatori. Condividi questo [...]

  • Fjcoloma

    Manage Private Messages…both in twitter and facebook…organised by conversation…
    include geoloc, voice, photo, linkshrink, into tweets-posts…
    Find near friends…
    In publications, if i post or tweet an answer include a quick view of previous comment…
    I can do all those things in twitbird…it was the app i used before i bought yours, but still using it for those things.
    In conversations latest coment should be first up…now is last down…so i have always to scroll down to it….
    Many things i know but it would make your awesome app even better…

  • http://twitter.com/FoxTheJohnny Paul O’Connell

    Multiple Twitter accounts please :-)

  • Icu

    sending and viewing private messages to facebook friends and direct messages to twitterfriends please….!!

  • simso

    I also miss integration of multiple twitter-accounts.

    Keep up the good work, there is a lot but you’re doing great :)

  • steve

    HEY i love your app it is by far one of the best! two things if you want to become thee absolute best!!!!

    1. Add tagging users in twitter when posting
    2. add tagging users in facebook when posting

    nobody has the FB feature and only some have the @user thing in FB.

  • http://twitter.com/ZeoSonE ZeoS

    The app is geat and design is very cool.
    But some thing are really mising.
    1. Google Buzz
    2. Push Notifications
    3. Retweet to all

    Anyway Thank you a lot, guys for this product!

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